Friends Take Care of Friends

We started Best Friends Credit for one reason: Love – the unconditional kind. The kind our pets give us every single day. The kind that only a wet nose or a sandpaper lick can give us. We’re also dog and cat owners and like you, we can’t imagine the idea of our furry friends needing care and not being able to receive it because we couldn’t afford to provide it.

A Quick Process. A Fast Track to Recovery.

Apply Now

Three easy ways to apply:

Apply online

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application, and you can get instant approval for pet coverage.

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Apply at your vet

If your vet is a member of Best Friends Credit, simply fill out the on-site iPad application for immediate approval.

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Apply with the App

Go to the App Store and download the free BFC app to your iPhone. Submit your application for instant approval.

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